‘Who are you living for?’

“Who am I living for? What am I doing this for? Who am I trying to impress? Why do I feel empty?” -K.Z @manifestationbabe

So I read that the other night and felt the chills of spirit run through me. ‘I have goals and dreams so what are they?’ I thought. It hit me I was like ‘true who tf am I living for?’ I realized the profound truth of my answers to those questions after thinking about it. My dream is to be successful and wealthy. I want all the material things that I never believed I could have. I never knew it could be possible for me, I just decided one day that I’m worthy and realized anything we dream of is ours for the taking. I just want to live in the moment, to feel happy, free and inlove. My true dream is to help others heal and positively impact the world in some way. ‘Who am I living for?’ I’m living for me, for the ones who’ve believed in me, and for my higher power who’s kept me alive for reasons I’ve yet to fully understand. I’m living for addicts like me who’ve touched my soul and the angels (and hellboys) who didn’t make it. What am I doing this for?’ I’m doing it to honor those who’ve passed from addiction, those who pushed me to be where I’m at now and all the pain/ effort it took. I’m doing it to hopefully make my coaches and mentors proud. Most of all to make myself proud. My relationship with me is the closest thing I’ll ever have to real.‘Why do I feel so empty?’ I’ve felt empty at times because I lost sight of those reasons of why I’m doing this for. I remembered I do have a purpose, even when I’ve forgotten what that is for me. I believe in myself. I believe in other addicts whether they’re in recovery or not. We are far more stronger then we remember. We’ll overcome this pain and find all that we’re looking for.


LOVE.  ~  Haley


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